15 and Pregnant

“I had been with my boyfriend (now my husband) for only a year; he was 18 and in his freshman year at college. I was only a sophomore in high school. I was going to have an abortion, but I decided not to go through with it – I was more terrified of what would happen to me during the procedure than of giving birth. I decided to keep her. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Taylor. I graduated from my high school with a 3.85 GPA and now I’m attending college, where I made the Dean’s List last semester, and am majoring in psychology.

I want to let people know that just because you become pregnant and have a child does not mean that you can’t accomplish the things you always wanted to do, or fulfill your goals. Having a child makes it a lot more difficult, but it is so fulfilling. I still cry when I think that I could have taken such a precious thing away – her life. I do not believe that I have the right to take a life, nor do I believe that a child should suffer because of someone’s irresponsibility. If a 15 year old girl can take responsibility to strive and achieve her goals and dreams, anyone can.”

- Sophie



Article courtesy of: Do I Matter? Human Life Alliance @ 2021