The Life Centers of Ventura County was started in 1972 as an affiliate of an educational organization dedicated to providing truthful information about pregnancy and fetal development. It was led by local physicians and others who cared deeply about the growing move towards liberalized abortion laws and the harmful effects they would have on women and children and society as a whole. The year 1973 changed a lot and the Life Centers changed with the times, expanding our services to a 24-hour hotline and an office where women could come, take a pregnancy test and meet with a client advocate to talk over their issues and find support.

In 2015, we became a Licensed Medical Clinic adding a Medical Director, Nurses and Sonographers to our staff and expanded our services to include nurse administered pregnancy tests, consultations, and ultrasounds. In 2019, we added a state- of- the- art Mobile Clinic to our services so that we can reach more women out in the community. For over 50 years, the Life Centers of Ventura County has provided compassionate care for women. We offer a calm and loving space where women are encouraged to explore all their options, free of judgement, fear, and coercion. After considering all the options, most of our clients find the emotional support to embrace motherhood, support that is lacking in our throw-away culture. They are given the opportunity to educate themselves, to see their unborn child and to hope and dream big, beyond fear. We think women deserve to know as much as they can about their pregnancy and development. We want to empower women with knowledge so that they can make well-informed decisions about their pregnancies. The Life Centers of Ventura County is a licensed medical clinic with a huge heart! All of our services are provided free of charge and we are funded by private donations.
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