Do I Matter?

YES! You matter!

Regardless of what you look like, where you live, how much money you make, or what you’ve done: by the mere beating of a heart, you matter!

In fact, before you even walked on this earth, you mattered. Someone gave you life, and brought you into this world. As early as 18-21 days after fertilization, your heart tissue began beating like it is now. Isn’t that incredible?

Tragically, 25 percent of your generation was lost to abortion. Each individual had a heartbeat. Who knows how that unique and distinct life could’ve changed the world. From aborting because of race, gender, disability, or out of convenience, millions of lives have been denied a chance to live. They mattered.

We acknowledge that the marginalized, poor, and oppressed lives matter too. But discussing who matters is a moot point if we don’t give life a chance at the very beginning.

So, YES, you matter! You mattered from the very beginning – EVERY LIFE DOES!


Article courtesy of: Do I Matter? Human Life Alliance @ 2021