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Yes, we do. But for your convenience, it is always better to request an appointment in advance, so you don’t have to wait. There may be other clients in front of you.  

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Yes!  We have material goods for moms in need( diapers, clothes for little ones up to 12 months). Please request an appointment below.

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Ultrasonography is the transmission of high frequency sound waves through the body tissue which are reflected back from this tissue to a transducer and converted into images. From the transducer an image of the baby is displayed on the monitor screen. These images are then sent to our radiologist who reviews them and determines the viability of the pregnancy. 

Only license registered nurses trained in the limited obstetrical ultrasound, and with documented competency per Medical Director, may perform ultrasound examinations.  A licensed registered diagnostic medical sonographer (RDMS) may also perform ultrasound examinations.

Once we have obtained a positive pregnancy test via an in-office urine sample, our female staff will prepare you for your ultrasound exam.  
Transabdominal: We will begin by obtaining images transabdominally which involves placement of the transducer over the abdomen to obtain images.  A full bladder is ideal because the soundwaves travel best through liquid, resulting in brighter images on the monitor.  We will ask you to lie flat with your abdomen exposed.  We will apply a gel to help with the conduction of the sound waves.  If the initial transabdominal measurements show you are between 6 and 12 weeks pregnant, we will perform a transvaginal exam.
Transvaginal:  Vaginal ultrasounds are the standard of care in the first trimester, particularly if pregnancy is under 12 weeks gestational age. You will be asked to empty your bladder and undress from the waist down.  We will give you a bid drape to use for privacy. A specially designed probe with a latex cover will be used and inserted a few inches into the vaginal canal to obtain more detail in the images of the baby and more accurate measurements of the gestational age and fetal heart rhythms. You may feel some slight pressure as we scan through your uterus, but this should be a pain free experience. 
You will need to drink 16- 24 oz. of water a half hour before your appointment time.  If you need to use the restroom before the exam, please drink another glass of water.  
We will confirm your pregnancy with an onsite pregnancy test unless you have verification of pregnancy from your doctor. Please bring that with you.
It is best to wear loose fitting clothes, to more easily access your abdomen for the scan.

All our services are free. Ultrasounds are effectively performed starting six weeks from the clients first day of the last menstrual period, which should be considered when scheduling appointments. Performance of an ultrasound is at the expressed consent of a registered nurse.

One of the most important things you can do at the beginning of your pregnancy is to confirm the viability with a limited obstetric ultrasound. Our limited obstetric ultrasound will establish verification of an intrauterine pregnancy, estimate the gestational age of the baby, and detect the baby’s fetal heart motion.

If LCVC confirms a positive pregnancy test and the client is six weeks pregnant bases on her LMP and she qualifies according to the criteria set up by the Medical Director and with the consent of our Registered Nurse, she will be offered a limited obstetrical ultrasound examination.  The heartbeat is detectable via ultrasound at the six-week mark.


Open, partially open, and confidential. You decide how much contact you will have with your child.

There are attorneys who represent the birth mother. LCVC can refer you to an adoption attorney who is familiar with the process and can advocate for you. Associated costs are paid for by the adoptive parents.

Modern adoptions are geared toward supporting the birth mother financially through her pregnancy and can include medical, housing, educational and living costs. An attorney can help you navigate the whole process and will advocate for you.

Absolutely, YES!  Adoption attorneys take direction from you and after a lot of consultation with you will do their best to match you with prospective adoptive parents. For every child aborted, it is estimated that there are 34 couples who are waiting to adopt. It is important to know that you are in control.

This is your decision and your conversations with an attorney are confidential. At some point, you may want to talk to your parents, but it is ok to get all the information.

No!  It is never too late to arrange an adoption.