Pregnancy Testing

What kind of pregnancy tests do you use?
How accurate are they?

We use high grade pregnancy tests(urine) which are very sensitive at an hCG detection level of 20/mIU/ml, which is equal to or better than any urine based test currently available.
We do not provide blood work.

How can I know if I might be pregnant?

If you are sexually active, even when using contraception, you could be pregnant.  Some common symptoms are:  missed menstrual period, nausea, vomiting, irritability/ overly emotional, fatigue, swollen or tender breasts, frequent urination, darkening of nipples.

How soon should I take a pregnancy test?

Most home pregnancy test manufacturers state that they can be performed with 99% accuracy on the day that you expect your period.

Can I still be pregnant if my test is negative at home?

Yes, while most pregnancy test are accurate, if you test early on, you may have a false negative. Please make an appointment for a free pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Calculator

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