Abortion is a serious decision which can have a lasting effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Types of Abortions

Types of Abortion

There are 2 types of abortions: chemical and surgical.

Physical Risks

Physical Risks

There are many potential risks to having an abortion.

Psychological Risks

Psychological Risks

Many women report having depression and a profound sense of loss and grief after an abortion.

Long Term Risks

Long Term Risks

Please consider the potential , significant  long-term risks after abortion.

You may feel a need to make a decision RIGHT NOW, however, there are many things to consider which are critical to your health. You should not be pressured by anyone to have an abortion.

These are some things to consider:

  • Are you sure you have a viable pregnancy?

  • Have you ruled out an ectopic pregnancy?

  • Will an abortion make you depressed?

  • Will having an abortion affect your relationship with your boyfriend/partner?

  • Do you know how far along you are?

    The status of your pregnancy can be determined by an ultrasound.

Request an appointment to discuss these and many other issues with a client advocate or nurse.