Parenting: “the process of caring for your child or children” 1

If you are pregnant, you may not realize that you are already a parent. The decisions you make right now affect the physical and mental health of your baby.

The decision to carry and parent your child may seem overwhelming right now. But most parents never regret having their children. While full of challenges, parenting can provide great joy and fulfillment.
“What I thought would ruin my life has done the exact opposite.
I’m stronger, better, more successful person because of my son.
No one will ever have the power to take away my strength.”
Client- Raelyne G.

Pregnancies last nine months and during this time, your situation will change as you start to make plans, seek medical care and are able to see your baby grow and feel him kick inside you.  The bond between you and your child will grow through all these stages no matter what your circumstance is now.

Good parenting starts in the womb, whether you decide to keep your baby or place for adoption. Each of these is a caring and generous choice.

Our trained counselors and nurses are here to help you explore your options.

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